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Globally the traditional retail sector is working through transformational changes.


As modern technology becomes more popular, the demand for online shopping outlets has increased. This change is affecting employment throughout the whole sector.

At one time sourcing retail specialists was an easy task, this is no longer the case. Over the past few years our international retail employment agency has been busier than ever. The reason is simple, retail specialists are now moving into other areas, the manpower pot has shrunk.

We witnessed the same thing in the banking sector, following the financial crisis.

Store owners and managers should not despair, whilst sourcing suitably qualified manpower has become more difficult, especially from local and national markets, it is not impossible. Added to that, Skills Provision are on-hand to provide much needed assistance.

Regardless of your specialist retail domain or location, we have the infrastructure in place to source suitable manpower.

Our common employment contracts are:

To get started on a placement project all we require is a detailed job description. This will allow our consultants to provide an official quote and following acceptance move forward with the task of sourcing suitably qualified, pre-screened, candidates.

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