International Job Search

If you are searching for an international job, you have come to the right place. Skills Provision have a decades worth of experience placing skilled and un-skilled workers.

Please note, we do not play the recruitment numbers game, all our applicants undergo the same stringent checks. This means we invariably put the right people into the right positions.

Computers, smartphones and the Internet have changed the face of traditional recruitment. It would be fair to say it has never been easier to source an international job. Many skilled contractors make a healthy living moving from one country to another.

Our online job board is a fantastic resource for eager job seekers.

Our advice is to register on our website. The benefit of this is when a new vacancy appears on our system you will receive an automated email.

As a leading international recruitment agency, we are committed to sourcing relevant employment for all job seekers who register on our system, our strike rate is very high.

It is natural for people to live and work overseas, for many it’s an exciting adventure. Those that truly want their wishes to become reality, follow a set process of preparation.

Being job ready is half the battle when it comes to securing overseas employment, here are a few pointers:

  1. Produce a top quality, accurate CV
  2. Collate references
  3. Make sure your passport/national identity card is in date
  4. Collate work related images (highlighting skills and ability)
  5. Carry out in-depth research on visas
  6. Sort out qualifications into a logical sequence
  7. If your language ability needs to improve, enrol on a relevant course
  8. Research your targeted locations
  9. If needed, start saving

As you can see the preparation phase is fairly complicated. Remember the onus for being prepared lies with the worker, not the recruiter or the employer.

If you would like more information on securing an international job please email our Support Team at