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If you are searching for an international job hunter agency, you will find no better organisation than Skills Provision.

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So, what sets our company apart from other manpower suppliers?

In many ways this is down to the systems we use and the attitude of our staff. At Skills Provision we do not play the numbers game. Our mission statement has always been to supply the right manpower for the right jobs.

The right worker is someone who seamlessly moulds themselves into their new working environment. They provide value by helping their new company prosper and grow and more importantly they display loyalty by staying in post for an extended period of time.

Very few agencies pride themselves in the performance of new workers, their attitude is, why should we bother, it’s no longer our problem, we’ve been paid. This common attitude is where the recruitment sector fails.

At Skills Provision our filtration and selection processes are so precise invariably we select the right candidates. On the odd occasion we get it wrong we cover the employer by offering a free 30-day replacement policy.

As an international job hunter agency our services and track record are unrivalled.

To take advantage of our highly viewed CV Profile system, simply register on our website and follow our basic guidelines. It could not be any simpler. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity. We also advocate being ‘job ready’ this means having the perfect CV/Resume, putting together all the necessary documentation into a logical sequence and collating strong testimonials.

By putting your faith in our agency, we will not let you down.