Mine truck operator in underground mine India


I am always want to work in hotel as a Room Service and I can manage this post. I have also IHG skill academy badge that gives me huge knowledge of hospitality and customer satisfaction regarding my work. So I want this pitch for me
Working as a Driver also

Serial No: 189650
Skills keywords: computer skills, customer relations, hard working, safety, teamwork

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

My skill set encompasses a dynamic range that reflects both my academic achievements and practical capabilities. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree has honed my critical thinking and communication skills, enabling me to approach challenges with a well-rounded perspective. I\'ve further augmented my expertise through the IHG Skill Academy, where I earned badges that demonstrate proficiency in areas such as hospitality management and customer service.

In the realm of technology, my computer skills extend to proficient use of various software suites, enhancing my ability to analyze data and streamline processes. This technical aptitude has proven invaluable in both academic and professional settings.

Beyond the desk, I possess heavy driving skills, exemplified by a valid and clean heavy driving license. This proficiency not only reflects my ability to operate large vehicles safely but also showcases my commitment to responsibility and adherence to traffic regulations.

Collectively, these skills represent a comprehensive and adaptable skill set, combining academic excellence with hands-on capabilities. Whether in an office environment, behind the wheel, or navigating digital landscapes, I bring a diverse skill set that contributes to effective problem-solving and goal attained

Interests & Hobbies:

I have a diverse range of interests and hobbies that keep me engaged and fulfilled. One of my greatest passions is exploring the world through literature. Whether it\'s diving into classic novels or discovering contemporary fiction, I find immense joy in the power of storytelling.

In addition to reading, I have a deep appreciation for the art of photography. Capturing moments in time allows me to express my creativity and document the beauty of the world around me. From landscapes to candid portraits, each photograph tells a unique story.

Previous Employment Details:

I am currently working in AAC mining
As a underground mine truck operator That is located in rampura agucha in Rajasthan 2015- currently GVK EMRI I have worked in GVK EMRI as a ambulance Driver
IKYA HUMAN CAPITAL as a ambulance Driver

Current location:  Rajasthan, India - View on map
Nationality: India
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Hotel and Catering, Transport and Logistics, Travel and Tourism
Spoken languages: English Urdu Hindi
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere