Farm Worker Seeking Farm Position


Aspiring to secure a sponsored position in a developed nation, where I can utilize my skills in various roles such
as warehouse worker, construction assistant, general labor, farm hand, farm worker, fruit picker, cleaner, dairy
farm worker, etc., for mutual growth and professional advancement. I aim to embrace diverse cultural experiences
while securing a competitive salary.

Serial No: 191749
Skills keywords: cleaning, construction, farm hand, fruit crops, harvesting fruit

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Graduated to the first level bachelorette in experimental science.
Worked in a farm nearly all positions.
Assisted construction builders& plaster artisans.
Worked as wood cutter where i gained knowledge in wood cutting.

Interests & Hobbies:

Swimming, fitness, and travel are my passions. They not only keep me physically active but also feed my curiosity about the world, making life more vibrant and fulfilling.

Previous Employment Details:

Farm worker
IFREIAN (independent farmer)
-Tomato Harvesting Specialist: Expertly harvested tomatoes, ensuring quality standards by
removing pedicels and sepals as needed.
- Plant Care and Maintenance: Conducted tasks like weeding, trimming leaves, and applying
pesticides for optimal plant health.
- Supportive Cultivation: Implemented vertical support and removed dead plants to promote healthy
- Berries Harvesting: Demonstrated precision in harvesting berries to preserve quality.
- Task Flexibility: Adapted to farm needs by maintaining cleanliness and organization.
- Key Achievements: Maintained high crop quality and contributed to farm success.
Independent project managers
Construction assistant
Provided on-demand support for residential construction projects, executing a wide range of tasks
to facilitate project progress and ensure quality outcomes:
- Lifted heavy sandbags, cement bags, and bricks to various project locations, including rooftop
- Assisted masons by preparing meticulous sand and cement mixes and constructing corner molds
with precision-cut wood pieces.
- Ensured safety and efficiency throughout all activities, adhering to established protocols and
- Maintained cleanliness and organization by diligently cleaning and storing all tools and equipment
after each use.
Self-employed plaster artisan
D├ęcorative plaster assistant
-Provided assistance to decorative plasterers by aiding in the mixing of white cement for creating
pieces with molds, lifting heavy bags of cement, and independently preparing stairs. Demonstrated
reliability and adaptability as a dedicated assistant in a collaborative team environment.
Self-employed wood contractor
Wood cutter
-Efficiently sized wood pieces for wood heaters using an axe, ensuring optimal fit for effective
burning, while strictly adhering to safety protocols during axe handling and wood processing.

Current location:  Souss-Massa, Morocco - View on map
Nationality: Moroccan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Construction, other, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere