Experienced Geochemist and Biochemist


I have good communication skills and I am willing to learn under given conditions.

Outside my expertise, I have vast experience in dealing with people in my work environment and I am a very good team player.

I am able to work under pressure and still produce excellent results.

I don\'t discriminate, I handle my clients with respect and empathy.

I can help build up any firm or place I am assigned to work in and also stand in for the other employees when they are down.

I can work late shifts and do overtime.

I am very good at the use of computers and can also do repairs on systems.

I am also willing to share my expertise with people to enhance results and boost production.

When employed, I will be dedicated to the satisfaction of my employer and will always put his or her interest first.

I can multitask, I am very physical person.

Serial No: 191616
Skills keywords: construction, elderly care, geochemist, healthcare assistant, vehicle mechanic

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Geochemist/Biochemist.. At exxonmobil producing Nigeria. I performed whole oil analysis, methanol analysis, C4C19, water cut, emulsion stability, gas analysis and also the servicing of the equipments used in the laboratory.

Health care assistant.. I am a seasoned homopath, I am well grounded in both orthodox and traditional medicine. I have a vast experience in taking care of the sick, the elderly, children with special needs and also can offer a good solution to most challenging health issues.

Driving... I have gained lengthy years of driving and I am also well grounded in defensive driving.

Bodyguard and aid.. I can work as a personal assistant and a body guard, I am skilled in boxing and akido type of fighting.

House cleaning and Management.. I am so dedicated to house cleaning and home management.

Construction... I can do all types of construction jobs, I am a very physical person and can work for long hours.

Interests & Hobbies:

Exploration/Research... I love studying and researching on new ideas that can boost my knowledge on both health and environment.

Boxing.. I love boxing and sparring.



Previous Employment Details:

He liveth Homophathy.. 2007 - 2010... Learnt traditional medicine, how to diagnose and treat different ailments with herbs and supplement.. diseases like strokes, liver and kidney issues, infertility in both men and women. Learnt how to do home remedies for high blood issues, did body massage and alignment.

Exxonmobil producing Nigeria.. 2015.. I worked in their exploration department in a sub session operation tech and geochemistry.. carried out analysis on all the samples brought into the lab with a Gas Chromatography and Mass spectrometry..

National inland waterways authority... 2010- 2011... Was loading and off loading ships at the dockyard while keeping inventory of the goods and securing them until they are either cleared or they are exported.

The markers therapeutic center.. 2016 till date

Current location:  Rivers, Nigeria - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, Transport and Logistics, Construction
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere