Care Assistant looking for work in the United Kingdom


I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Care assistant position within your organization .As a highly empathetic and caring individual with a great interest in care giving ,I have been a career since 2001 where I first trained First Aid and Home based Care with St John Ambulance , The motive behind was when was growing up I had a aunt who was home nurse ,unfortunately she passed on but before she did ,she left some property for her nurse assistant because she was so nice ,compassionate and trustworthy since then I knew that this is what I want to be ,to me its a calling because I have always wanted to make a difference in other peoples lives ,I possess the combination of a good care giving expertise and personality traits you are seeking in a caregiver,
I am very confident that I can succeed in this field. I am eager to apply my skills, knowledge and expertise to an inspiring organization such as yours where I can make a very meaningful contribution ,considering my experience in the relevant field.

Serial No: 192600
Skills keywords: care managerment, healthcare assistant

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

I have studied Home Nursing, First Aid with St Johns Ambulance in the year 2001 after that training i worked in a hospital where i had to take care of mostly bed ridden patients, there i learned to maintain personal hygiene ,changing bed linen ,bed bathing ,toileting since most of them were bed ridden also keeping them company. This helped me to be reliable for someone depended on me ,empathy and good communication skill had to come in hand so that there is a bond of understanding between me and my client .Then in 2019 had a chance to train Ethics Training with FHI360 this helped me develop a better workplace and know how to avoid unwanted problems and misbehaviors such as harassment and corruption ,I then in 2022 di online course with Florence Academy such as 15 Standards of care ,Dementia level 1,Acquired brain injury, Anaphylaxis Management and Life Support with more to list ,

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Interests & Hobbies:

I enjoy doing volunteering and community participation activities whenever am free or out of job .through volunteering I learn valuable ,community and social skills and well as gained valuable work experience. The other activity that I enjoy doing on my spare time is indulge in sports ,exercise and health related activities this I do on a daily basis because it makes me develop a sense of my body, Whilst with baking I do it usually on weekends its my own way of relaxing and it helps me unwind and live in the present ,I love the smile and the peoples faces when they taste my cakes or pies , Reading ,Watching geographic documentaries , and going to church are some of the activities I enjoy doing whenever I want to shift my mind from work and destress after a long day at work.

Current location:  Southern Region, Malawi - View on map
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Spoken languages: Chewa, english, Ndebele, Shona