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Manual Labour JobsManual labour jobs are defined as tasks that utilise hands (plus hand-held tools), rather than machinery. At Skills Provision we view the UK’s manual labour sector as one that provides vital cogs in the wheels of industry.

Manual labour should not be underestimated, whilst certain activities are classed as unskilled, many jobs require dexterity and skills acquired over time or through apprenticeships.

Often candidates undervalue skills they have acquired and omit these details from their CV. Please note, it is essential to keep these documents up to date. Once you have joined our website you will receive regular update invitations. This means newly acquired skills will become visible once listed.

Examples of manual labour jobs:

  • Application, coating and covering, from concreting through to painting
  • Handling – manual (or mechanical). Carrying, moving or delivering
  • Planting, picking, packing in agriculture or food production
  • Constructing, from building trades through to assembling machines or cars
  • Distribution and delivery. Baggage handlers, warehouse operatives to postmen
  • General maintenance and repair

After years of overemphasis on gaining paper qualifications, the pendulum is swinging away from men on suits, to those in overalls but these skills still need to be measured, certified trade skills are essential to gain the better paid jobs.

Most employers will require a proportion of their workforce to carry out manual labour jobs somewhere within an organisation; this might be through direct hire or outsourced through the use of recruitment specialists. Skills Provision have the infrastructure in place to assist employers formulate the best recruitment strategy for their organisation.

If you are seeking employees feel free to contact our UK team by calling 02079890750 or utilising our website forms. We would welcome a job description, if one is available.

Skills Provision replies to all written enquiries within 24 hours. We look forward to being of service to both candidates and employers.

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