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Skills Provision is constantly sourcing and placing temporary workers into the international marketplace. We have specialised in this area for over a decade.


Hiring temp labour


Many countries suffer shortages of temporary labour, this means employers are forced into looking further afield. This is where Skills Provision come into their own. Our recruitment consultants effectively source, process and filter suitably qualified job seekers, in quick time.

We constantly have a variety of temp jobs we are looking to fill. To be considered for a position simply register on our website. Please note, all entries are individually verified by our Quality Control Team, this means applicants need to follow our guidelines, these are clearly marked on the registration form.

Although we place many temp workers our selection standards never drop. All our consultants operate in a standardised manner, this means the same systems are constantly used.

The quality of a recruitment process comes down to the suitability of the sourced manpower. Here the employer is the best judge, they will know, fairly quickly, if new employees are making a positive impact.

Our temp labour generally falls into 2 categories:

  1. Skilled tradesmen needed for project type work
  2. Unskilled labour needed on specific projects

Please note, if large numbers of workers are required our recruitment consultants will need enough time to source, screen, filter and process manpower pools.

Skills Provision specialise in placing temporary remote workers for more details speak to one of our representatives.

If you are an employer interested in our temp labour solutions please email enquiries@skills-provision.com or utilise one of our website forms.