Skills Provision creates an International Funnel

Most business people are familiar with the sales funnel used to create the disciplines necessary to foster growth. The Skill Provision Recruitment Funnel serves the same purpose.

Funnel Picture

There is no magic wand that leads to success within international recruitment but the commitment to adhering to a process with your chosen partners. The methods of recruitment can be having retained recruitment partners that will lead to the best long term performance but as this involves higher up front costs many clients continue to gamble on the lottery of traditional or contingent services. Coupled with this is spreading the recruitment over a large number of players rather than taking the time to go through a professional evaluation of partner capability.

Skills Provision serves both markets, but points out that absolute cost of recruitment is a small proportion of the absolute costs of recruitment especially when it goes wrong that happens in a high proportion of cases.

So, why does international Recruitment go wrong?

There is rarely a single reason more a combination of events in the early stages of the recruitment cycle from having a collective approved view of the skills you want to hire, a weak corporate or financial offering, selection of the wrong recruitment methodology and probably most crucial of all the ability and availability of key decision making staff empowered to make rapid decisions in an employee lead market place.

The future: The Candidate is King

2016 will be the year of the candidate not the Employer, failing to understand this means that Employers using yesterday’s recruitment techniques will be left behind in the global battle for talent but these challenges can be overcome through the selection of the right recruitment partner.

What do YOU need to do?

  1. Contact Skills Provision, numerous options available
  2. Provide as much information as you can up front. A skilled international recruiter will analyse the information provided, inevitably there will be questions.
  3. From the dialogue you will understand the options available to you and the benefits of retained recruitment over traditional recruitment and and you need to select your preference
  4. Complete a simple recruitment contract with Skills Provision

Skills Provision will work with you to create a wide mouthed recruitment funnel that will drive candidates towards your talent opportunities through a variety of proprietary and, in some cases unique methods, that has made Skills Provision the partner of choice for enlightened Employers.