Register with an Employment Agency

International job seekers are constantly searching for new opportunities, many register their details with an employment agency.

Employment Agency Registration

Selecting the right agency is obviously important.

Skills Provision fully support job seekers in their quest to source temporary or full-time employment. Our registration system produces an online employment profile, these pages do not display private or confidential information, but list key areas employers are interested in, these are:

  • Skills
  • Qualifications
  • Nationality
  • Previous employment details

Our system also has the capability of uploading a portrait image, we feel this is very important.

Our employment profiles generate a lot of interest, on this section alone page views are in the region of 70,000 per month. In recent times we are seeing increased interest for remote worker positions

As a global employment agency we have a duty to fully comply with GDPR. We have modified our working practices so personal data and confidential information is adequately protected. Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) regularly carries out official audits and reviews.

The other benefit of registering with Skills Provision is all verified entries are instantly added to our availability databases. This means when an employer’s requirement matches specific worker’ skills or experience our system produces an automated alert.

If you are searching for that perfect overseas position, don’t delay, register on our website today.