Recruitment and Technical Innovation

Technical innovation is far too stagnant in the recruitment sector.


Technical innovation


It could be said, with some justification, the main protagonists, the big boys, always play safe and are afraid of experimentation.

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At Skills Provision we don’t do things the easy way, we are all about innovation and improving the services on offer.

We have:

  • Automated matching
  • Hand-built algorithms
  • True collaboration via Client Zones
  • Open database of available workers
  • Regular podcasts
  • Bot-based systems in development
  • Many innovations coming soon

We have not taken a traditional business and added an online theme by developing a website, no; we are looking well into the future and preparing for it today.

Technical innovations run through the core of all those working at Skills Provision, employers see this first-hand when they make contact and book a service-based demonstration.

One thing is certain, at Skills Provision we do not fear the future.