Recruitment Agencies for Job Seekers

It is a common occurrence for job seekers to register their details with various recruitment agencies. Naturally they want to be considered for vacancies related to their skills, qualifications and experience levels.


Recruitment Agencies


Unfortunately, many don’t help themselves, instead of submitting structured applications they prefer the minimalistic approach. We see this ourselves with some of the applications received on our website.

It would be fair to say employers are going to be more impressed by those submitting detailed information and going the extra mile. More often than not quality operators miss out on decent placement opportunities because of laziness.

Skills Provision hold a vast inventory of available workers, each entry is individually verified. If a job seeker has not followed our basic guidelines their submission will not added to the database. In our eyes we view this as the first stage of filtration. Naturally we have a duty to our clients to supply top quality, motivated manpower. If a job seeker cannot be bothered to fill out our registration forms correctly, we will not push them forward to fill vacancies. This may seem harsh; however, we have a duty to place the most suitable people into employment.

Those that do follow our basic guidelines are rewarded by having an individual Employment Profile, these are widely seen all around the world.

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