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UK based Skills Provision is a major overseas placement agency.

Regardless of an employer’s physical location we have the on-hand resources and experience levels to place skilled and unskilled labour directly into the workplace.

By working with an employer, recruitment experts at Skills Provision can quickly grasp a client’s requirement and put in motion all the necessary steps required in sourcing suitably qualified candidates.

The most important document in sourcing skilled labour is the job description, accuracy here is of paramount importance. Many expensive recruitment mistakes emanate back to a poorly constructed form.

Skills Provision have been operating as an overseas placement agency for over a decade, in that time many well-known companies have signed up as client’s, none have been disappointed.

In locations where skill shortages exist the only viable alternative is to look further afield. This is where an overseas placement agency, one that delivers time and time again, comes into their own.

Regardless of the shortfall or requirement we have the capability to deliver, this could be a single IT specialist or 500 food processing operatives. The numbers and skill levels are irrelevant. The main criteria is placing the right people into the right jobs.

Employers need to be aware that skilled and unskilled workers, regardless of nationality or gender, deserve a fair package. If low rates are offered, and this occasionally happens, a proposal is likely to be declined.

If you would like to discuss manpower support for your company, please contact the Support Team at Skills Provision on +44 (0) 2079890750, alternatively you can email or fill out a website form.