More Globalisation or Less?

Reaching ‘net zero’ is thought to be restrictive towards the development of trade globalisation, as most routes require vast logistical systems and transportation.


Net Zero


However, a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute states. Without cross-border flows of goods, services, financing, and intangibles, limiting global warming will be very challenging, if not impossible. The World Trade Organization reaches a similar conclusion in its most recent annual report, which outlines how trade can play an essential role in helping countries reduce emissions and build climate resilience.

At Skills Provision senior leaders believe a fine balance will need to be introduced for the effective reduction of greenhouse gases to be sustainable over the long term.

Chris Slay the CEO of Skills Provision, recently stated at a trade convention that ‘net zero’ should not be viewed as a corporate opportunity but more a game where we all give. Short term gains are pointless if the long-term outlook is poor.