International Recruitment: Preparation is the key.

Posted on: 20.05.2016    11:02:05

Recruiting international candidates is not an easy job. You have to be well informed with the current market/workforce pay rates and have knowledge of local and International relocation laws especially visa constraints


Preparation is the key to success

Preparation is the key to success

Tasks every employer needs to perform when going to the market:

  1. Package: It is a candidate’s market and the salaries needs to be internationally competitive in order to attract the right candidates. You need a complete and competitive package.
  2. Branding:  How do you wish your brand to be seen in international markets?
  3. Advertising: There are specialized job portals for every region / industry. Choosing the right channel to maximise return on investment is key.
  4. Social Media: In this current technological age social media recruitment plays an important part in international recruitment. Job posting is free and you can reach masses with the right language.
  5. Staffing Agencies: Recruitment Agencies are here to help. Skills Provision, for example, specializes in international recruitment. We help clients starting from the very first level i.e. Developing job descriptions to choosing the right advertisement channels for recruitment and selection.
  6. Fees:  Agreeing terms with your selected Recruitment Agency: Fees vary from 10% to 35% of the first year’s salary depending on the service levels required, the complexity of the task and the numbers being recruited
  7. Communication:  The last but the important step is ensuring effective communication with all the stakeholders involved.

Skills Provision is always happy to provide a quotation but to do this we need, as a minimum

  • A project brief and/or job description
  • Your view of the package you wish to offer

We will offer a quote within one working day.