Getting Ready to Recruit in International Markets

Posted on: 18.03.2016    13:47:32

Questions every employer needs to ask before they start recruiting:

Asking yourself the right questions

  1. Are you ready to recruit? 80% of success in international recruitment comes in the preparation.
  2. In today’s markets, brand is important. Are your brand messages conveyed in any literature that you prepare?  Are adverts legal?
  3. Do you know what skills you want the candidate to have; does their ethnicity, age gender matter? This is the most important step as it acts as a foundation for the whole recruitment process.
  4. Do you have a job description? An International Recruitment Agency cannot work or even start the process until a Job Description is in place. An Agency can help employers customize a  job description but it needs to originate from  you, the employer
  5. Is your package internationally competitive? This is much more than salary and the norms depend on local market expectations. Research how your package stands up to the competition Employers will only succeed with international recruitment if the package offered is competitive.
  6. Have you checked the visa process? If not then any professional international recruiter is going to ask you for those details before providing a quotation.
  7. Have you decided on the interview process? If not, why not?
  8. Fees. Reaction to fees should relate to the value brought to the table rather than lowest cost. Understanding local market norms is imperative. Have an idea what you are prepared to pay before approaching the market but try to be flexible.

In summary, do your homework before attempting to recruit. Here the internet is your friend, do your research.