Machinist Job Description

Job Title


Line Manager/ Reports to

Insert as applicable e.g. Manager/ Director



Insert as applicable


Insert as applicable or such other location that may be required of the job role

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Job Ref & about the organisation  

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Core Objectives

Set up, operate, monitor and maintain agreed equipment to manufacture components allocated to you  


Main Tasks/duties and responsibilities 



Day to day responsibilities

– set up, operate, monitor and maintain equipment in accordance with agreed guidelines

– manufacture components allocated to you  

– manufacture to agreed quality, efficiency and in accordance with instructions, specifications, controls and plans

– measure, examine, and test completed components for conformance and to detect defects

– work adhering to the organisation’s polices and procedures including those relating to health and safety and security

– self-motivated and work alone as well as contributing to the team

– assist in finding the best methods to achieve quality and efficiency

– keep up to date with new technologies and advances and identify opportunities to work with Line Manager to apply these wherever possible

immediately report problems/ failures that may impact on the organisation and/or its clients/customers to Line Manager

– meet your targets and contribute to those of the team as a whole

– contribute towards the smooth running of the of team

– adhere to all organisation policies and procedures


From time to time you may be expected to be part of special projects as are reasonably required of your job role.

You are responsible for your allocated workload and must meet all targets as agreed with your Line Manager. You must contribute towards the smooth running of the organisation generally.


Your usual hours will be from 8.30am to 4.30pm. However you will be expected to work as and when is necessary to meet the needs of the team and your targets.

Insert following if applicable Your job will involve travel to sites within the agreed area. The agreed area is insert e.g. 20 mile radius, county etc

Secondary Tasks/Duties





The role is part of the whole organisation team and as such requires you to use perform such reasonable tasks that are required, as and when are necessary, to maintain, promote, develop and expand the business of our organisation and its interests generally.


You must carry out your duties to the best of your ability, having consideration for the needs of your colleagues, and the Organisation and its customers. You must obey all lawful and reasonable orders given to you and comply with the organisation’s rules, procedures and policies

Management / Use of Equipment



You are responsible for the equipment provided to you for use in your job role. This means you must ensure that equipment is used in accordance with training provided, the organisation’s policies and procedures and the law and using, where applicable, any safety equipment or Personal Protective Equipment provided. You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment you use is properly maintained and can be used/operated at all times.


Essential Abilities/ Competencies of this job role

You need

– qualifications sufficient to perform the job role – insert what is particularly required

– certification insert as applicable

– requisite knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials applicable to the role

– established and proven experience in this type of job role – insert as applicable e.g.   minimum 5 years

– innovative approach to problem solving

– to be friendly and approachable and a team player

– understand and deliver good customer service

– good attention to detail

– to demonstrate good time management and project management skills

– to be flexible and responsive to feedback

insert anything else required


You need to have and maintain (with regular training and updates as necessary) the knowledge, technical skills and qualifications that are necessary to perform your job role to comply with the requirements of the organisation and any applicable rules, regulations and with any law which applies to your job role.

Special Working Conditions

You may be expected to work in accordance with the organisation’s overtime policies.


Salary level C – £20,000
Benefits insert details of any benefits

Approved by Name

John Smith

Job Role

Insert details as applicable

Date approved