Working in Australia a CV Tip

Posted on: 29.03.2011    10:47:45

We have had the privilege of helping many people to realise their dream of working in Australia whether they have a certified trade background like butchers, bakers , electricians, welders or diesel mechanics through to specialist professional positions such as speech therapists, clinical project managers to doctors, dentists and IT professionals.

We receive CV’s from around the world which are generally full of fact  but lack a feel for the applicants personality.

One of our Aussie partners has sent us this tip:

“All employers want to hire you-the-person, not just you-the-worker therefore the more information you can include about yourself, the better he can get to know the person he is considering hiring.

The employer is responsible for making sure that you will fit in with his existing, successful team therefore he will be looking for character traits that help him make a decision in your favour. What you do for yourself in your own time can be a huge indicator of this particularly what you do for your local community.

It is a well known fact that people who contribute to their community in some way also make responsible workers. Responsibility, trust, honesty, reliability, integrity are all character traits that people like to put in their resumes but can rarely prove. Revealing some or all of your out-of-work commitments can usually do this for you without ‘just talk’. Concrete evidence which is indisputable speaks loudest and Aussie employers just love it!”

So there you have it, from a local expert – success is all about you, so if using our system do take advantage of the 500 word section to tell us about you – make your CV come alive.


Author: Chris Slay

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