The Wonderful Welders of Warsaw

Posted on: 28.04.2010    12:50:18

OK, so we have gone for a bit of alliteration.

Well in truth they could come from anywhere in Poland as it remains an apprenticed skill.

Indeed the Polish Welder is almost as ubiquitous as the Polish Plumber right across Europe and North America.

It is a transferable skill and you see the Polish Welder pop up on long term contracts were long hours are required or where there are local skill shortages.

We have even had Polish welders come to the UK to make the components and then return to Poland to install the components within production lines.

Welders is one of these catch all terms like warehouse workers so you need to be very specific as to what you want. Is it MIG/MAG or TIG, will they be pipe fitters, steel erectors, riggers? Will they be working in engineering, ship building, oil and gas or other energy sectors.

We will put teams together and outsource them to you on long term contracts allowing you to concentrate on running your business whilst we deal with welfare issues.

We can arrange for them to be bench tested in their country of origin as well.

Recent UK government action has closed down the Romanian and Bulgarian route but welders are still available from Poland Slovakia and Latvia where unemployment levels are high outside the major centres.

Eastern European welders are not a source of cheaper labour but a reliable alternative source of hard working and reliable professional tradesmen.

With 10 nuclear plants planned within the UK and each site needing 150-300 welders for 5 years it is inevitable that Polish workers will be involved


Author – Chris Slay

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