Voting Holiday for Polish Workers

Posted on: 24.06.2010    09:23:05

With the first round of Polish presidential elections being inconclusive there will be a second and final round on July 4th

The problem is that the vast majority of Polish Workers will be taking their summer holidays at that time. School will have broken up, the zloty buys a lot of ice cream in Greece and the forecast at home is for a soggy summer.

To ensure the second round of presidential voting is not crippled by a low turnout, the Polish Foreign Ministry has organised a so-called voting vacation, with 253 polling stations to be set up in Varna, in Bulgaria, in Antalya, Turkey, Majorca, Gran Canaria and other seaside resorts. Tourist companies and associations have pledged to supply buses from more remote resorts to the improvised polling booths.

The authorities are also setting up 41 polling stations in Britain and 12 in Germany for Polish workers.

Author: Chris Slay

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