Is the Education System Contributing to a Skills Shortage?

Posted on: 03.12.2009    13:45:10

The UK’s education system is causing skills shortages.

For the past 15 years the education system has churned out pupils/graduates focused on technological /media skills at the expense of traditional trade skills such as carpentry, welders, brickies, plumbers and metalworkers let alone engineers. Artisan based apprenticeships have virtually died out so why are we surprised that 1 million 18-25 year olds are unemployed. They may be educated but they have the wrong skill sets. This is madness that is continuing.

So how will skills shortages be filled – yes you’ve guessed by using overseas workers that have transferable skills because basic training is available in traditional trade crafts.

Unemployment figures are currently standing at 7.8%, but overseas workers continue to come in for the reason expressed above plus the poverty/benefit trap and an unwillingness amongst Brits to take on manual or antisocial work..

“It is just crazy that the education system in not working hand in glove to provide what the markets need today into the future. It is wholly inappropriate that people are educated up blind alleys. Why can’t the politicians and educators recognise the perpetuation of this horror story?” Commented Chris Slay, the managing director of Skills Provision Ltd


Author: Lucilla Priddle

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