UK: European Union Citizens rights now and post BREXIT

Current Position

Please note, changes may occur between now and the 29th of March 2019, the date the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union, with or without a deal on BREXIT.

If you are coming to the UK, you can exercise your freedom of movement rights under European Union law up until the 29th March. This means there is still a window to secure employment, but the rules will shortly change.

UK’s stance under BREXIT

One of the UK’s objectives in leaving the EU was the ability to constrain low skilled migration. Therefore, it is logical to expect extra layers of bureaucracy to emerge.

We don’t see a drastic curtailment as the UK still needs migrant workers, without them the country would grind to a halt.

Our view is we will see a return to work permits. Whether a nationality level playing field will be created remains to be seen.

The use of Tier 2 Visa’s is expected to increase.

You are an EU citizen in the UK, intending to stay

Relax. The government is trialling registration schemes, but you have until June 2021 to register.

Mrs May recently rescinded charges and the paperwork can be completed online.

Our advice is let the dust settle for a couple of months after “BREXIT” and then tackle the registration process.