UK Engineering Problems Loom

Posted on: 16.04.2011    12:19:07

The recently-published Monster Employment Index for March 2011 revealed that engineering was one of the sectors to deliver the biggest year-on-year growth in employment with an upturn of 26 per cent.

The UK’s drive towards the use of greener energy will lead to increased demand for engineers working in the sector but will the skills be there when required?

The strengthening drive for greener energy is also generating significant demand for UK engineers in the utility and renewable sectors but these skill sets are in demand globally.

Australia have been shopping in Europe for some time and have now been joined by the Norwegians and Germans. The Middle East is quiet but just like Japan will need help to repair infrastructure caused by totally different reasons

“Look East Young Man” might be the solution to UK engineering shortages suggested Chris Slay of International Recruitment Agency Skills Provision “We continue to bring Polish Engineers into the UK but tend to be approached as an afterthought but that will change as demand outstrips supply. Volatility in the sector is high – we had 10 applicants as a result of one social media post and the common theme was getting out of Europe, including the UK to countries with better prospects with working in Australia being the most popular option”


Author: Peter Arkwright

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