UK Election: Match of the day. The latest

Posted on: 02.05.2010    10:23:30

A series involves more than two, but a match is a head to head.

Now with politicians this becomes a challenge.

However, it seems to me that the UK series has now become a match thanks to dear old Gordon.

He looks absolutely knackered and the inane, nodding dog with piles, smile is not only scary but worrying. His Rochdale gaffe was unlucky but when you are down that’s the way the cookie crumbles. So GB is out and that’s good news for GB (Great Britain) in the long run.

In the battle of the Smoothies Nick sneaked an early lead as he out slithered call me Dave to punch above his weight a bit like an unexpected goal for the underdogs in the third round of the FA Cup.

Dave was a bit slow to react as he was worried that GB might sneak on and steal his kit if he said anything meaningful but has eventually got going.

He equalised with a stunning shot on no play no pay for squad members who are not team players and this appealed to all working fans who are disgusted that those on the dole can claim benefit and do nothing. (He needs to use the same move in all the matches until the final on the 6th of May.)

It was looking a stalemate, until Nick put through his own goal not once but twice on Immigration. With a wild hack on a 10 year amnesty on giving citizenship to illegal immigrants of 10 years standing he put one in the top corner but denied it was a goal. To cap it he then did not know whether it was 600,000. Dave rubbed the salt in well and Nick couldn’t clear his lines despite trying to dribble out of defence by repeating – first £10,000 tax free.

So there you have it, Labour in a play off for third place and they will probably loose that, with the Conservatives ahead of the Lib Dems having recovered from an early set back but…… the premiership of politics is tough the blues may well win the football today but will they win the political match on Thursday?


Author – Chris Slay

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