Is There Pent up Employment Demand to Fulfil Skills Shortages?

Posted on: 20.10.2010    18:01:23

Having had a busy early autumn with enquiries on both the domestic and international sides of our business, where we have helped employers to fill those difficult jobs in the following areas

  • Care industry with care assistants and RGN’s being particularly popular
  • Welders in several industries
  • Fabricators in heavy steel conversion
  • Warehousemen nationally

As well as the odd butcher, baker but not yet a candlestick maker we thought that perhaps we were returning to more normal levels of business.

However, the last 10 days in the run up to the spending cuts has been noticeably quieter and other than replacement staff we have noted a drop off in internet enquiries, a reluctance to consider new employment amongst our existing clients as they are being fobbed off along the supply chain. Recent announcements of reduced confidence in manufacturing and factory out put volumes support a conservative approach.

Nonetheless we do expect to see a bounce in enquiries now that the worst is known but do not expect strong demand outside any areas not already experiencing skills shortages but only time will tell. Demand to come the UK remains very strong amongst Polish workers but you now need to rigorously sift applications to root out those more interested in the UK benefit systems than work but you don’t get many problems with skilled labour.

Interesting times.


Author: Chris Slay

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