The 10 things Abbott’s victory will mean to Australia?

Posted on: 07.09.2013    12:31:17

 A view from a Pom looking in from the outside.

  1. No more excuses for businesses to delay making decisions. It is doubtful there will another election for 3 years as a landslide victory now seems assured
  2. Outlined policies will become clearer quickly – not good news on education, climate change and broadband, but hey you can’t win them all.
  3. Business has been so strident in its support of Abbott’s agenda that confidence, investment and, we hope, job creation will improve. Hey guys give us a shout if you need any help.
  4. Interest rates did not go down last month but they are already historically low and may even be cut next month.
  5. Households are showing signs of borrowing more. Building approvals are up. House prices have risen 5.3 per cent in 12 months. All suggest wallets may open further than the retail figures suggest. Look at the UK where a lag effect was recorded
  6. The outlook in the US, Europe and China is improving. Australia’s terms of trade may recover, helping the budget bottom line. Confidence like the tide ebbs and flows, the tide could just be turning.
  7. Low interest rates have reduced the dollar. As overseas economies recover and the dollar drops further, exports will improve and local tourism can spark up. General Motors may even see a low currency as a sign to commit long term to Holden. So international competitiveness is a key.
  8. Abbott can attend the UN General Assembly on September 24 when Australia sits in the president’s chair of the Security Council. Syria may even agree to a ceasefire under Australia’s watch.
  9. Labour’s Papua New Guinea solution could stop enough boats to make Abbott’s ridiculous turn back the boats, buy the boats and stop the boat legal advice plans unnecessary.
  10. Abbott supports a conscience vote on same sex marriage before Christmas.

 Abbott can deliver on his ”no surprises”. No budget black hole, no cuts from his audit commission and no implementation of the workplace review findings – at least in the first term but can he deliver the ultimate accolade? Leading Australia to recover the Ashes against the old enemy. But remember he was originally British.

Author: Chris Slay

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