Spring Clean and Communicate

Posted on: 18.06.2010    11:28:10

Many companies have responded to the tough trading conditions by an obsession with KPI’s (Key Performance indicators) from administration to customer service, sales and working hours but “curiously” rarely relate to Directors.

Employees are already faced with tougher workloads than ever before, and in the current climate are vulnerable and business leaders need to ease the concerns of their employees if they want to get the best out of them.

KPI’s should be exactly that –KEY – not a plethora of rules to try and fit every situation.

Take the public sector in Britain which is micro managed with performance targets and inspectorates but it doesn’t lead to efficiency if every move is monitored and governed by a set of rules that have very little commercial logic. Doing away with a lot of this baggage will help morale no end and trimming back irrelevant rules should take place before cuts are implemented. Most people like clarity, and simplicity is the key to effective communication rather than “Yes Minister” speak.

Employees understand a degree of staff turnover is inevitable but when change is necessary communicate it clearly so that employees focus on the job, rather than on the fear of losing it.

Employers must take great care not to alienate their staff by introducing painstaking procedures to measure performance, no matter how tough the economic conditions, and instead consider setting realistic goals that allow staff to thrive and grow with the business. Job security and prospects are the most important thing for most employees and they will naturally look to their managers as a source of confidence rather than anxiety.

So examine your KPI’s. Can they be trimmed? Can they be simplified? Are they clearly communicated? If they are not relevant or used why have them? Spring clean and communicate.

Author: Chris Slay

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