Social Media Marketing ‘The Key to Recruitment’

Posted on: 17.03.2010    12:41:52

Investing time in a social media marketing strategy will significantly boost a firm’s chances of hiring the best candidate for the job, according to one expert.

Keith Wells, group managing director at Turquoise Brand Consultants, told Utalk Marketing that companies are increasingly realising how important it is to focus on social media, as targeting the platform offers them access to potential employees which other forms of job advertising simply cannot provide.

He also pointed out that social media can give recruiters the chance to compare similar candidates and see which have clearly put time and effort into their CVs and applications and which have followed a simple cut and paste template.

“Everyone can get at the same knowledge, and employers can easily spot a cut and paste job – the old requirement of standing out from the other applicants is still real,” he explained.

His comments followed those of the Association of Recruitment Consultants, which recently said that UK recruiters are beginning to make the transition online and realise that social media is where the future of hiring lies.


Author: Chris Slay

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