Recruitment in the global market not all doom and gloom

In 2008/2009 when the financial crisis paralysed recruitment the only places left recruiting were the Middle East and Australia.

The current crisis has totally different causes, but the impact is yet again global and the impact dramatic.

However, signs of hope are materialising and once more the leadership is coming from the same two areas but the rest of the world is not that far behind.

The barriers to entry are still there.

  • “Will I be granted a visa?”
  • “What proof will be needed to demonstrate I am COVID-19 free?”
  • “How long will it take to get a recruitment decision?”

In life timing is everything and it is often the best prepared rather than the most talented that pick the plum jobs when markets reopen.

Let us look at some global opportunities that are out there:

  • Middle East: We expect to see Cyber security recruitment bounce back in the Middle East as the area comes to terms with not just COVID-19 but the oil shock as well.
  • Australia: Several major projects on hold using a mix of Honeywell EPKS, LIMS, and Labware. Owing to visa restrictions only local candidates are being progressed to interview but we expect Australia to start loosening its borders shortly.
  • Asia: Limited openings with a blue-chip North American name are opening for those with Camstar MES and OSI PI in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
  • UK and Europe: This will take longer but skills are needed such as Camstar MES, OSI PI and Rockwell FTPS Serialisation.
  • North America: Much harder to judge with visa policies. Currently no visa support is available so unless you are a USA national, Canadian or existing USA visa holder opportunities may not be available to you. Once again Camstar MES, OSI PI, Rockwell FTPS and Windchill Architects are in high demand.

Can we tell you that all these opportunities will still be there in a month, or two months’ time? No we can’t, nobody knows?

During this time, we advise candidates to be as ‘recruitment ready’ as possible, so when the door does open, you are the first over the threshold.

We welcome everyone to create a free profile on our site by going here. It pays to be seen so add a photo and make your profile visible.

Keep safe, keep well

Skills Provision Team.