Recruiters ‘turning to social media’

Posted on: 05.01.2010    18:06:12

The top recruitment agencies are turning to social media platforms in order to enhance the chances of attracting skilled candidates, a survey has found.

A study carried out by Career Builder found that one of the top trends among recruiters in 2010 will be social media, as firms seek to attract accomplished candidates through newer means.

Though the method gained popularity in 2009, 37 per cent of recruiters plan to put a much firmer emphasis on social media in the coming 12 months, the report showed.

According to the results of the poll, one in five employers are planning to add social media responsibilities to the role of a current employee, whereas one in eight firms will take on new staff to deal with this.

The survey comes after FreshBusinessThinking recently published an article showing that more recruiters are using online resources to check out potential candidates before offering them an interview.


Author: Chris Slay

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