Polish Workers Will Always Have a Job in the UK

Posted on: 15.03.2010    19:19:40

Polish workers will never be short of a job in the UK thanks to their hard-working ethic, one expert has pointed out.

Sector analyst Peter Burden said that Polish workers are often very different to those from the UK, as they are willing to do manual jobs which Brits cannot be bothered doing.

He pointed out that in Hertfordshire, where he is based, employers in the agricultural industry have used Polish workers for activities such as strawberry picking because they are far more reliable than local people, who are often work shy.

“There’ll always be other jobs for hard-working Poles, if that’s what they want. The local under-achieving youths aren’t going to bother with tough physical work when they can draw the dole,” Mr Burden explained.

His comments follow those of Cambridgeshire farmer Victor Aveling, who recently backed the use of Polish workers due to their work ethic and punctuality.


Author: Chris Slay

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