Polish Workers on the March

Posted on: 19.11.2010    09:56:23

They are arriving by car, plane and boat and most by coaches on journeys that take from 24 hours to 48 hours depending on the final location in the UK. They travel from home to a new country to take up the jobs that the Brits don’t want!

Polish workers are returning to the UK to take advantage of the jobs market as the economy slowly climbs out of recession, figures showed yesterday with more than 100,000 having arrived this year, this means that 40% of the jobs created this year have gone to foreign nationals.

The figures also cast a major question mark over claims that it is unfair to cut benefits for British people who are unemployed because there are no jobs available. The jobs are there if people want them but it is a level playing field as citizens in Eastern Europe have the same rights to work freely in the UK as do Brits to work in Eastern Europe.

Most work remains lower paid jobs, from catering and crop-picking to plumbing and building, but the number of trade skill workers such as welders, bench joiners and fabricators has increased. Indeed in care you cannot even find nurses from Eastern Europe at the moment.

The latest surveys show that there are now nearly 600,000 Eastern Europeans employed in Britain – a 23 per cent increase.

Unless the welfare cuts truly impact forcing people to take unskilled anti social work it is hard to see why the number of Polish workers will drop and are indeed likely to increase as the economy continues to recover.


Author: Chris Slay

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