Polish Workers do a Lot More Than Pick and Pack

Posted on: 01.03.2011    15:25:06

The Polish education system is first class and the culture is one where the educated know that they may have to spend a period of time working abroad as the Polish economy is unable to generate the opportunities that they are seeking.

We all know about the famous Polish Plumber and more latterly the welders, fabricators, CNC operators along with nurses and care workers but the depth of available talent goes much deeper and you can more or less find any skills you want from within Poland so nobody should think of Polish workers as just Pickers and Packers.

At the moment in Poland there are a large numbers of candidates with language skills and education in economics, marketing, management and sales, who would be more than happy to do office work, assist managers and organise the operations of a company. They could work as bookkeepers, junior and senior accountants (we also have specialised candidates working as independent accountants), sales representatives and call centre workers.

With every Pole your get a free brain and the brain wants to work and we all know about the Polish work ethic so next time you are considering such positions and perhaps struggle to find appropriate local candidates think about Polish Recruitment.

However, don’t worry we continue to have great candidates who would be willing to work within FMCG organisations and supply chain management and we are authorised under the Gangmaster Act for both the protection of clients and employees.


Author: Chris Slay

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