Poland suffers a triple whammy

Posted on: 16.04.2010    12:33:17

Tragically the aeroplane crash on the 10th April has deprived the Polish people of many of their leading political and business leaders at a time when the Polish economy is facing tough times with rising unemployment.

Observing from the outside looking in we are seeing an increasing number of Polish workers seeking jobs throughout Europe but demand is weak in most countries in the European Union and even places like Norway and Switzerland are feeling the economic chill and polish recruitment has dropped. All Eastern European workers are now having to compete against not only other Eastern Europeans but also available labour within the older EU.

Could Greece become the next Poland where economic problems are offset by the export of their better educated and qualified people?

The UK Border Agency has recently tightened the visa controls on Bulgarian and Romanians coming to the UK which only serves to push costs up in areas of skills shortages and won’t help with Polish jobs as all those with the right skills are already working internationally.

How will Poland react? Political, Economic and social competitive challenges are nothing new to Polish workers who for hundreds of years have shown their determination to succeed by taking their skills to markets throughout the world where they are better appreciated. You can not go anywhere in Western Europe where you are not served by Polish workers and they are now even turning up in the local Indian/Balti restaurants as this sector is precluded from bringing in nationals from their own country.

Rest assured the Poles will not only survive but flourish.

Author – Chris Slay

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