Poland Presidential Election Tomorrow

Posted on: 03.07.2010    13:24:37

As Poland chooses between Bronislaw Komorowski and Jaroslaw Kaczynski for President, making the decision could prove a difficult task for the electorate. It’s not that the candidates are unknown – they have been around Polish politics for a long time – but their platforms seem to be almost identical. However, a former President manages to see a difference between the two. “When we remember Kachinsky as prime-minister of Poland, his policies were not good for Poland,” said Aleksander Kwasniewski, president of Poland in 1995-2005. “It was based on some historic resentment. But now we have a very constant, very predictable politician in Komorowski who will serve Poland’s interests.”

It is rather un-typical for a left-wing politician like Kwasniewski to support a centre-right candidate, but to him the two are on the opposite sides of the political fence.

In reality, the current interim president Komorowski is known to be very mild in his policies – both inside and outside Poland. Kaczynski is more nationalist and hard-line – and is popular with older voters, while former dissidents favour him for his anti-communism rhetoric.

The election is being followed with keen interest by Polish workers abroad and many can vote whilst on holiday or working abroad. The main holiday season is currently in full swing and might favour Kaczynski but the outcome will be very close.


Author: Chris Slay

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