Overseas expansion can boost UK firms

Posted on: 15.02.2010    12:03:48

British companies can effectively expand overseas while keeping the UK as their main market, as seen in one food firm.

The Financial Times has profiled William Jackson, which comprises Aunt Bessie’s and Jackson’s Bakery, as an example of a company that prioritises domestic operations while also implementing overseas expansion plans.

Norman Soutar, the company’s managing director, told the newspaper that there is “no reason” why its food products have to be confined to Britain, despite it remaining the business’s core market.

Summing up William Jackson’s operations, he said: “We are trying to make great food that people want to eat.”

Over the past seven years, the company has seen a four-fold increase in sales to sandwich makers in 40 separate European countries. This has been achieved by successfully marketing English-style sandwiches.

Ten per cent of William Jackson’s bakery sales are made up of exports, with the company aiming to increase this to 20 per cent.

Hazeldene Foods and Parripak Foods are also under the company’s umbrella, as is the Ferguson Fawsitt Arms pub in Yorkshire


Author: Chris Slay

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