Online recruitment ‘will see significant investment’ in 2010

Posted on: 07.01.2010    11:05:51

The following 12 months will see firms place a much stronger focus on online recruitment, according to one sector expert.

Human resources specialist Richard Doherty said that online activity will play a much more important role in “attracting and engaging top talent” in 2010, as businesses realise the benefit of harnessing online tools.

His comments came after a survey by Career Builder found that recruitment through social media will be a key trend among UK firms in 2010.

Mr Doherty explained: “This means that organisations will be more proactive in attracting both active and passive candidates and sourcing referrals in the future.”

He explained that the key to companies being successful in this aspect of recruitment will be to ensure that online tools are “aligned and integrated with an organisation’s existing recruitment processes and technology”.

The expert said that companies who failed to realise the benefits of online recruitment processes in 2009 will be able to catch up with early adopters.


Author: Chris Slay

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