One in five young people ‘cannot get a job’

Posted on: 17.12.2009    19:32:23

New figures have revealed that a fifth of all young people are failing to get a job due to a lack of skills or experience in the area they are applying for.

Data released by the Trades Union Congress shows that although the number of young people without a job was higher during the 1980s recession than it is today, 21 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24 are currently unemployed.

The statistics show that there are 1.6 million people in this age bracket who cannot get a job because they lack the qualifications or skills to secure a position with a company, slightly lower than the 26 per cent who were unemployed during the 1980s recession.

It comes after chancellor Alistair Darling, in his pre-Budget report, claimed that 18 to 24-year-olds who have been claiming jobseeker’s allowance for over six months will soon be guaranteed skills training if they are not able to get a job.


Author: Chris Slay

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