‘Not enough firms’ realise benefit of hiring foreign staff

Posted on: 07.01.2010    11:05:13

Not enough companies are realising that hiring foreign staff could be the key to enhancing their productivity and profits, one expert has pointed out.

Hikmet Ersek, Western Union chief operating officer, said it is becoming increasingly clear that firms can benefit greatly by turning to overseas staff, not least because qualified workers from abroad are often perfectly-equipped to fill any staffing needs.

He added that although many people have a negative view of hiring staff from overseas, doing so can actually have a positive effect on the economy by increasing output among the country’s business.

“While economic insecurity is putting politicians under pressure to protect jobs for locals, it is clear that business leaders still see an open economy with economic migration as essential to drive the recovery,” Mr Ersek explained.

Meanwhile, Jil Matheson, a statistician at the Office for National Statistics, recently said that an increasing number of Eastern Europeans are attracted to the UK’s jobs market despite the country still being in recession.


Author: Chris Slay

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