Learning new skills ‘can keep careers on track’

Posted on: 14.01.2010    18:23:54

People who regularly assess their skills set and work out how they can broaden it are more likely to have successful careers, it has been claimed.

The Careers Advice Service has issued new tips designed to help people progress in their jobs, with a self-assessment of skills one of the key recommendations for those looking to move ahead.

Julie Clare, a careers coach at the organisation, said it is vital that people review their skills and interests by jotting them down and identify where they can broaden them.

“This will help you determine what skills you have and what skills you might need. Consider learning something new or refresh the skills you already have by training or taking a qualification,” she explained.

Meanwhile, employment specialist Richard Spear, writing for Wales Online, recently said that now is as good a time as ever to develop new skills, as companies begin recruiting again following the economic downturn.


Author: Chris Slay

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