Lawyers The legal Tsunami is on its Way

Posted on: 11.06.2011    17:40:15

You have heard the weather forecast it is travelling at 300 miles an hour, it might have an Ocean or two to cross but it is on its way. It will hit your shoreline on the 6th of October 2011 – the clock is ticking, so are you prepared?

Are you a rabbit in the headlights who is going to stay in your high street premises and close your eyes and pray you won’t drown when the sea starts to ebb and skeletons unseen for generations emerge before the giant wave of change comes crashing towards the shore line? If you survive the first wave will you be caught in the backwash of our failing retail model? How many of your clients have already passed on and many more will drown or migrate to pastures new where they are perched on high ground, maybe looking down from a cloud secure in the fact that they’re dumped all the baggage of yesterday and become lean mean fighting machines equipped to take on the new digital era.

If you have not already made your choice then time is running out and you need to be looking at options that best suit you into the future. It is all about you and the choices you make but just remember what the high street looked like a few years ago – Travel Agents, Insurance brokers, Estate Agents independent opticians , independent shops like butchers, bakers and fishmongers and of course the Lawyers. Well most of them have gone, except the lawyers. Most into oblivion, some to edge of town but the trend is to go on line. Franchising and branding have helped the migration but the high street of old is becoming redundant.

Change might take a generation but I doubt it. Lawyers need to stop emulating King Canute, not only will they get wet but it is likely to be fatal. There will be snake oil salesmen offering alternatives, there always are in volatile times. Most cures address the symptoms not the decease. Make sure you carry out your research and read what it says on the tin.

The best model I have found is franchising. A legal franchise will not tick every box for every Lawyer but if you are a specialist in business law we are representing the development of a legal franchise operation that will include bells and whistles not seen before. Just occasionally in one’s career you come across a product or service that breaks the mould and creates a true breakthrough in delivery. Think Dyson, think iPhone , yes it is really going to be that exciting.

Can you afford not to investigate?

We are commencing the roll out from 4th July which is very apt as it is Independence day and your first chance to get involved but we will require a non-disclosure agreement before letting you look under the bonnet at the benefits.

Between now and then we are taking registrations of interest on our site using the employer’s enquiry form. This will be followed up by a call back. We appreciate that out of hours dialogues will be required and have a team on standby.

As you would expect with an internet based model, costs have been kept to a minimum in round one as gaining critical mass is important and then we intend to ride our own wave because the market is wide open for the right solution.


Author: Chris Slay

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