Is Australia about to open its borders

Posted on: 09.04.2014    14:25:33

Under pressure from various sectors ranging from

  • Smash Repairers needing Panel beaters and Paint Sprayers
  • Automotive sector requiring auto technicians

No industry is as voluble as the hospitality sector which is facing labour shortages in the order of some 56,000 workers.

Today it has been announced that the Government has ordered a review to be completed by end of April

The independent review will examine:

  • the level of non-compliance in the 457 programme
  • the current framework to better understand whether the existing requirements balance the needs of business with the integrity of the programme
  • the viability of a deregulation strategy of the current programme
  • appropriateness of the current compliance and sanctions.

According to The Australian, DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection), formally known as DIAC, is evaluating a hospitality industry request to fast-track thousands of work visas for foreign chefs and cooks as well as review strict language requirements that require workers to have ‘functional English’ under the 457 visa.

Other industries are demanding that DIBP tunes into reality and waives the English language requirements and axes the $53,900 minimum salary. These may be moderated but won’t be abandoned.

Of equal concern is the period of time it takes to issue a visa. In a candidate lead market Australian employers will lose candidates unless they sharpen up their own decision making processes coupled with the government turning round visas in no more than 2 weeks. With the technology that is available today it is entirely possible.


Author: Chris Slay

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