International Pilot Jobs Evolution or Revolution?

Posted on: 03.11.2012    12:00:01

There is no denying that as the world’s power bases shift so is the airline industry in terms of one form of talent – human capital. What will be the fate of international pilot jobs in the future?

As Europe and the USA continue to struggle with high costs and weak demand even the most conservative of Pilots now need to be thinking outside of the established boxes and looking for opportunities on a global basis as international pilot jobs exist worldwide but not necessarily on your doorstep.

We are seeing numerous strategic alliances being formed and for the moment demand for experienced pilots has firmly shifted to Australia, the Pacific and Asia, particularly China, South Korea and Indonesia coupled with the Middle East as the other growing regional hub.

All these areas have shortages not only in Pilots, but First Officers, Cabin Crew and the crucial on the ground maintenance staff. These demands are set to mushroom but as yet the educational field is failing to recognise the opportunities of training staff, possibly through third party centres in areas of high unemployment, although the Middle East itself has the local resources but perhaps not the will to engage the educated unemployed which is disappointing but not unusual in the Arab culture.

With Pilots in theory being able to “get on their bike (plane)” to work anywhere around the globe they should be mobility insensitive but this is far from the case which is understandable but it will be the most flexible individuals that will win the best jobs but they need to be prepared.

In both the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific region Employers are time intolerant and it is often the best documented pilot that succeeds in securing a job rather than the one with the best experience. If you are looking for an international pilot jobs you need to put your leg work in up front.

Pilots need to work well in advance and we would be pleased to send any pilot our tips sheet on being prepared if they email us at as without a full presentation it is extremely unlikely that you will get beyond first base as major airlines rely on people like us to do the sifting and grooming and when they chose to act, they want to move quickly.

There will be many more changes within the Aviation industry brought about by technology some of which remains highly theoretical at present but will be capable of delivery in the future. Technological advances tend to bring greater efficiency and the most unreliable part of any operation is the people.

The balance in time will also bring Brazil, India and Russia to the table in seeking international talent and, as ever, it is the early bird that catches the worm.

As an international recruitment agency we are here to help both airlines seeking talent and for talented experienced pilots seeking international pilot jobs worldwide.

To answer our own question posed above we see the changes as being evolutionary at present but pilotless planes would be a revolution.

What do you think?


Author: Chris Slay

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