If You Can’t Get What You Want Create it.

Posted on: 15.06.2010    16:22:44

I first came in contact with Chris Slay just over a year ago when he was looking for a system that could generate social media feeds pointing towards his websites, ERA, Skills Provision, Job Description and Acorn. A way of promoting recruitment for the employer and the employee using succinct posts with a link going out on a regular basis to over 40 networks from one initial set up.

With a combination of applications, trial and error I set up a system which produced the initial desired outcome. The basic information was being transmitted on a daily basis but what about the other information within the websites, could that also be streamed? News articles, employees available, jobs, company news both locally and globally, all of which are entered direct on to the individual websites. How could we find a way of transmitting that information in a one step process to maximise circulation?

Not to be deterred by a lack of technical know how Chris instructed his development team to create an application in-house that would do precisely that and although there are teething problems, or should we say it is in beta state (a term developers use to cover their backs) the system works, a unique in-house social media streaming system enabling a one step process to produce the desired result.

From having no social media presence a year ago to stepping out into the conversation prism Chris has taken social media one step further by creating an in-house application which, for the time being fulfils his requirements and keeps me on my toes!


Author: Pete Arkwright

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