Good skills ‘gain and sustain employment’

Posted on: 04.12.2009    05:09:22

Having a good skill set can make all the difference when it comes to gaining and sustaining employment, according to one sector expert.

Will Cookson, head of skills at Working Links, said that companies are far more likely to be interested in candidates who have a good skill set and recommended that potential applicants should ensure they are fully trained.

According to the specialist, these abilities may be the difference between gaining employment or not doing so, and could also be a key factor in a worker retaining their job in the unstable economic environment.

“Training, whether it’s to top up existing skills or retrain for employment in a new sector, is important not only for personal development but will also help the UK recover from the recession in a better position,” Mr Cookson explained.

His comments came after the Department for Children, Schools and Families revealed that one in four people in the UK are currently in education in an attempt to broaden their skill set.


Author: Chris Slay

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