Foreign workers ‘should be hired’

Posted on: 18.01.2010    09:32:36

Foreign workers who are better equipped to do a job should not be overlooked by employers, according to one source.

The Motley Fool pointed out that some companies erect a barrier when it comes to hiring skilled overseas workers, but pointed out that these staff have just as much right to apply for positions as UK citizens.

Furthermore, the source said that workers from overseas are often better-equipped to fill vacant roles and should not be overlooked when their skills can clearly help a company to prosper.

“If jobs are eventually moved to cheaper economies, that’s sad for British workers but good for foreign workers, who, let’s face it, have just as much right to compete for employment,” it said.

Meanwhile, Hikmet Ersek, Western Union’s chief operating officer, recently said not enough firms are realising the benefit that hiring foreign workers can bring to their organisation, such as increasing output.


Author: Chris Slay

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