Expert: Polish Workers ‘Needed to fill Jobs’

Posted on: 23.03.2010    19:51:20

Polish workers are needed to fill the many skills gaps in the UK and companies are continuing to employ them because of their willingness to do the job, one expert has said.

Tim Finch, head of immigration at the Institute for Public Policy Research, said that there will always be jobs for Polish workers in sectors such as agriculture, a comment backed up by the latest Home Office figures.

The data revealed that 45 per cent of work permits granted in the UK in the last 12 months were for skilled Polish workers who had been employed to help solve skills shortages.

Mr Finch explained: “It is very unclear how the networks operate, but we know these jobs still exist and somebody needs to fill them.”

He added that many British nationals are “shunning” jobs which they deem to be too menial or cannot be bothered doing, leading to Polish workers being brought in due to their positive work ethic.


Author – Chris Slay

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