‘Every company’ should look for a global workforce

Posted on: 07.01.2010    10:01:13

Every company should buy into the idea that there is a global village for employment, one source has claimed.

Industry analyst TimetoDeliver pointed out that hiring foreign staff is a key way in which companies can keep profitability high and remain buoyant while the last throes of the recession retain their grip.

According to the source, “every company” either is, or should be, on the lookout for foreign workers who can create a global workforce and help to lay the foundations for long-term profitability.

It concluded that most businesses will see for themselves that foreign workers are more motivated and will reap the financial benefits as a result.

A similar opinion was recently shared by Mary Leicester, writing in the Daily Mail, who pointed out that British workers often lack the work ethic of their Eastern European counterparts, who are willing to work harder without asking for perks or complaining about hours.


Author: Chris Slay

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