Contract Workers

Posted on: 13.01.2012    12:44:02

What is a contract worker?

A contract worker may be an employee, a temporary worker supplied by an umbrella company or an agency or may also be known as a freelancer or sub contractor. The legislation applicable to these arrangements changes constantly which is why using our skills to recruit really adds value to your business. Keeping on top of all the legal changes in the UK and across a Global workforce takes money, time and effort; by using Skills Provision you’re provided with all the information you need to keep within the law each time you hire.

Agency Workers Directive

In force from the 1st October 2011 agency workers are given, under this piece of legislation, equal pay rights with other basic pay workers, including contract workers, after working for the employer for 12 weeks. If you are unaware of this law, did not change your contracts or take expert advice, then your business may end up paying more than it needs.
Features and Benefits

  • Skills Provision provides advice and all necessary contracts to protect your business.
  • Economy of scale; we specialise in contract worker recruitment so all our processes are streamlined and ready to move – much more cost effective and efficient than most in-house systems.
  • Business protection; we act as a buffer between you and candidates to save your time.
  • We are specialists; how can your small HR team excel in all areas? They can’t so it’s time to call in the experts.
  • Our contact databases contain candidates for all those hard to fill skills shortage areas you struggle with.

Why us? We think it’s time for a change.

Author: Chris Slay

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